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Business Card Printing

We’ve heard that business cards will come to an end with the use of a smart phone app. You have got to be kidding. What kind of personal message does a digital screen tell about the person you are potentially doing business with. Will you remember them by the length of their name, shape of the text they used, color of the screen their info is being read on. Of course not right. You remember these people by the shape of their business cards, the color, the stock and how it feels, the design of the card itself, the finish of the card, the weight of the card and possibly in the near future, the smell of the cards.

Professionalism is important when hiring someone to do something for you. If a graphic designer was to give me their “digital card” via phone tap or bump or whatever way it’s done, and another gave me a card with their logo and image of what to expect from their company, I would likely call that one first. Don’t fall victim to technology when it comes to personality. Make yourself some nice business cards that show who you are.

Business card printing is going to be around for a very long time. There are many companies online who print them, but only a few specialize in them. One of those companies is There you will find several different styles, shapes, stocks and finishes to choose from. You can do a simple google search for keywords such as Premium Business Cards or Square Business Cards for something unique. Checkout the different business card galleries online as well to find inspiration for your own card. There is Creattica, Cardnerd, PremiumCards/BASE and many more.

A physical business card is always going to be the first impression. It’s like an extension of your handshake. A weak business card is like a weak handshake. A good, well designed card printed on premium card stock that is heavy or durable can make a big difference on how a potential client views you and your business. If you present them with a weak card that was printed at one of those office supply stores or from a company that prints other stuff like coffee mugs and mouse pads, the you may not be getting that business and the card you just gave them probably went right to the trash. Make an impression, buy premium business cards and you will be happy you did.

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James Cruz My name is James Cruz and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I currently work at as the Production Manager. We specialize in the creation of the worlds finest business cards. We are proud to be the first full color production house to utilize the edge painting technique.

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