22pt Custom Foil Business Cards

22pt Custom Foil Stamped Business Cards – Gee Eye Care 5


22pt Custom Foil Business Cards

When quality and presentation is of utmost importance, the best route is a thick uncoated business card with all the fixings.  The treatments on this card are amazing.  We used a bright blue metallic foil on a black process CMYK printed background.  They are trading card size business cards and finished with matching blue edge paint.  We can’t say enough about these wonderful business cards, they are just “Gee Eye Catching”!  Yes, pun intended.

You can visit their website here – GeeEyeCare.com


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James Cruz My name is James Cruz and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I currently work at PremiumCards.net as the Production Manager. We specialize in the creation of the worlds finest business cards. We are proud to be the first full color production house to utilize the edge painting technique.

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5 thoughts on “22pt Custom Foil Stamped Business Cards – Gee Eye Care

  • Chaney

    I noticed a bold statement that mentioned never to use painted edges on white card, but I think that one of the examples is white on one side. I was interested in creating a card white on one side and 70 grey on the back with yellow painted edges. is this possible?

  • admin Post author

    Hi, thanks for the inquiry. It recommends not to use edge paint on white faced cards because it is more likely to bleed than like colors on a card. The color combination you want should be fine. We rarely have issues with yellow.

  • admin Post author

    Hi, Edge painting starts at about $15 for 100 and up to $35 for 1000, but all edge paint prices go up in January by a $20 increase.