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Business Card Printing - Embossing and Die Cut

Business card printing in 2013 will be one of the most important things you do for your business.  Contrary to the belief of some very few skeptics, business card printing is here to stay.   A wave of variety comes your way with a simple keyword google search for “business cards”, you’ll get a huge range of websites that print business cards, but are they what you’re looking for?  Are you just a photographer or are you a high end photographer?  Are you just a graphic designer or are you a premium graphic designer?  These keywords transfer their meaning into the business cards you print.  You can choose to print regular old business cards and you’ll likely find those if you only searched for “business cards”.  Try searching for “Premium Business Cards” and see who’s at the top of the organic list.  Why do you think that company’s there?  Probably keywords, but also, reputation.   PremiumCards.net holds that position for 4 straight years now.

24pt Business Card Printing

Why choose PremiumCards.net for your business card printing?  Because we’re good at what we do and people love our products and innovation.  Simple cards or mac daddy, top shelf show pieces, we have them right here and at the right price.  Now, don’t expect business cards of a higher caliber to be anywhere near the same price as a 16pt standard business card, they take a little more time you know.  Some cards require extensive setups that can run up the bill.  The cost of those setups are usually 1 time fees, so you won’t need to purchase them again for reprints.  While most printing companies online continue to produce sub-standard products, PremiumCards.net vows to never stop looking for that new wonder product that everyone has to have.

Foil Business Card PrintingSo for 2013, business card printing is a must.  How are people supposed to remember you, by the contact you traded on your cell phones?  Ridiculous!  A weak business card is like a weak handshake and no business card at all, is silly.  Do you do business with silly people?  Invest in yourself and your future with business card printing from PremiumCards.net and trust in the people who know business cards better than anyone in the world.


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James Cruz My name is James Cruz and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I currently work at PremiumCards.net as the Production Manager. We specialize in the creation of the worlds finest business cards. We are proud to be the first full color production house to utilize the edge painting technique.

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  • Copy Print Today

    I love cards that aren’t in the usual rectangle shape. Makes you really stand out with a client, connection, etc.