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Black Silk Business Cards with Silver Foil<br>Printed By © 2013 Do not remove logo if re-posting.

Black Silk Business Cards with Silver Foil
Printed By © 2013 Do not remove logo if re-posting.

Sometimes simplicity hits it right on the head.  Achieving a beautiful fine line that comes across a bold, distinctive statement.  The Visulabs business card serves as a smart and simple service communication that appeals to the current masses.  It’s sure to be major hit on the web.  Visit for more about them.

Printed on white stock with premium silk lamination and finished with a silver foil on 2 sides – Priced low starting at $149

Want some of your own? – Purchase your Silk Business Cards with Foil here


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James Cruz My name is James Cruz and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I currently work at as the Production Manager. We specialize in the creation of the worlds finest business cards. We are proud to be the first full color production house to utilize the edge painting technique.

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