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PremiumCards.net was created almost 4 years ago now and is part of the Mindpower Creative family of companies.  With over 14 years of printing experience and extensive knowledge of business card printing and production, your next set of business cards will be the beginning of a new prosperous future.  Mindpower Creative is family owned and operated “officially” since October 1st 1999.  We take pride in our work and love helping you move forward.  For hands on professionals in the online printing industry, PremiumCards.net is where it’s at.  Just ask, we’ll answer.

Need a Custom Business Card Quote?  If you have something that no one else can do or print, we may be able to.  Limited to paper and card stocks, we can do most anything you ask.  It would be easier if we told you what we couldn’t do.

We don’t do:

  • Very intricate die cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Wood or Metal business cards
  • Split quantities into separate sets!
  • Thermography – Raised ink


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    My wife saw the die cut Stella and Dot card that you did and wanted to see how much they would cost. She is also a Stella and Dot stylist and likes the idea of a card that is not like all the others.

    Thank you very much. Please also tell me the lead time for any order.


  2. Hi there, I wanted to know if you guys can print with metallic ink, preferably gold for my current project.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello Anna,

    Thanks for the inquiry. We can do almost any color you would like, but only on our 22pt and 22pt stocks. This can be done either as a 5th color on our large press or a die on a small letterpress. You can request a quote on our Custom Business Card request form.

  4. hello,
    your samples look great however your order request form is ridiculous so much so I contimplated choosing another company to go with do to the number of times I had to re-fill out my information. This last time I filed it out I believe everything went through however I did not receive any sort of confirmation or email so I am un sure… I am interested in placing an order if possible…a “contact us” tab would be nice..thanks in advance for your help

  5. We are a new start up company and want a quality business card that reflects the time and care we put into our business. We are looking for an embossed card, or one with raised type and a color logo. Please could you advise on pricing etc. Thank you so much,

  6. Hi,
    Do you print using spot colours – Pantone inks?
    I’m after a round business card with metallic inks like Pantone 877 C. Would be great if you could do it!

  7. Hi,

    Yes, we can provide the design service. It requires you to purchase it along with your cards. The design service is located in the options menu of each product page.

  8. I have someones business card that I would like to copy.
    Can you help me with this. Its very heavy card stock who knows maybe you even
    produced it.

  9. Yes, just select the graphic design option in the product options menu of whatever type card you choose to print. Thank you

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