Die Cut Business Cards – The Cocktail Card

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Die Cut Business Cards - iPhone Apps

Die Cut Business Cards – iPhone Apps cards are a great alternative use to standard business card printing.  All of our business card sizes and shapes can be used for many different types of applications.  These were used as a small advertisement on an iPhone App.  This shape can also be used as a coaster or a business card that stands out.  The choice is yours and there are tons of things you can use them for.

Silk Business cards with Deboss and Gold Edges

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Silk Business Cards with Deboss

Silk Business Cards are a great way to show off custom treatments like Debossing or Embossing.  The protective coating on the stock helps with clean impressions.  These cards also do pretty well with painted edges.  Painted edges typically come out clean and even and give an extra value to the cards without being an overwhelming option that may ruin the cards.  Should you want to have any of these treatments/options added to your silk business cards, use this custom business card quote form.

Silk Business Cards with Round Corners and Pink Painted Edges

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Silk Business Cards with Pink Painted Edges

The best alternative to boring business cards is painted edges.  Why painted edges?  The price is under $50 for 1000 cards.  Most treatments start at around $195 extra.  This is a very affordable way to add that extra touch at a great price and without breaking the bank.   Making your statement is simple and never overbearing.  Try painted edges on your next business card project

Full Color Foil Business Cards – Skinny Life

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Full Color Foil Business Card

Full color foil business cards are the new way of showing off a multiple color range in vibrant full color.  The cards themselves are printed on standard 16pt card stock with a choice of full matte finish, full gloss finish or spot uv finish.  Need a different size?  Send us a quote request.

Desimone Design

10 New Business Cards Printed at PremiumCards.net for 2012


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Pin ItYou can achieve a great quality card with a smart design and very little out of pocket expense.  It isn’t only the $600 to $800 cards that get all the attention, all of our products can produce a fantastic … Continue reading

Top Shelf Business Card Giveaway – ENTER NOW

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Top Shelf Business Cards


Okay, the last giveaway we had was awesome and we had a great response.  This time we are doing things a little different.  It’s pretty simple to enter with four easy steps.

  1. You must be have an account on our website with the mailing address of where the cards will go.  No PO boxes – USA ships Free – All other countries must pay for shipping cost out of USA.  United States Postal Service can ship flat rate boxes for $55 to almost anywhere.  CREATE ONE HERE if you don’t have one already.
  2. Post a comment below
  3. Like our facebook contest post HERE
  4. Tweet this page with twitter link above or below

DONE. Not too much to ask for a set of business cards worth about $180 to $205 right?

A little bit about our higher end stocks we carry

The 24pt Premium Soft Touch is pretty special.  It consists of a heavy weight coated c2s card stock with an ultra premium Soft Touch finish.  The cards are luxurious and have a creamy, silky texture.  The printing on these cards usually comes out very rich and vibrant.  They are currently our most expensive cards.

The 24pt Coarse Uncoated business cards are in a league of their own.  With a gritty, offwhite cast, you get a watercolor type, vintage feel to the finished product.  The stock prints undersaturated and will have a muted appearance when complete.

Our 22pt Uncoated Business Card stock has a very bright white color rating of 98 brightness.  It also is 10% recycled material and carry many certifications including a FSC environmental certification.  The stock prints a bit undersaturated with better color representation than the uncoated 24pt stock.




All Linen Paper and Card Stock on SALE! – SAVE 20%

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All Linen Paper and Card Stock on SALEPremiumCards.net is offering you 20% off of your next purchase of Linen Business Cards, Linen Postcards, Linen Envelopes and Linen Letterheads. Just visit the specials page to add the discounted items to your cart and checkout. Sale starts Friday, Midnight and ends Sunday at Midnight – April 15th 11:59PM.

We appreciate your business, and hope you will shop with us again!

Executive Starter Package – Includes Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes

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Are you a professional start up business looking for more of an executive look and feel without any of the shiny stuff?  Our new business starter package is a perfect blend of quality uncoated stocks.  The business cards are 14pt uncoated and the envelope and letterhead are a nice 70lb text.  You can find them here.  Executive Starter Package.

Just need business cards – Business Card Printing

A little information about uncoated paper stocks.  Uncoated stocks do not have the same coatings as a coated stock.  They are usually in raw form and will absorb some of the ink printed on it.  This is called dot gain.  Coated stocks tend to set right on top of the paper instead of set in and desaturate in the process.


Stunning Slim Silk Business with Spot UV, Foil and Painted Edges

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Slim Silk BUsiness Cards with Spot UV and Foil

Stunning business card design by PremiumCards.net shows a Slim 1.75×3.5″ Silk Business Card with Silver Foil on both sides along with Spot Gloss UV coating. The cards are completed with a black edge painting.

Why not print your own fabulous business cards – Silk Business Cards with Foil

Stunning 22pt Business Cards – Custom Foil

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These are the incredible 22pt Uncoated Business Cards from PremiumCards.net. They are printed in full color and have a red foil stamp on one side. Thanks to our client Dave Ternier, we were hired to design and print this beautiful business card. You can visit Dave’s website here at SpecialRequestWeddings.com

Oval Busniess Card Printing – New for 2012

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Oval Business CardsIt’s not like we’ve never made Oval Business Cards before, it’s just that we never had them available directly on our website to order.  Well, now you can simply order these unique shaped business cards directly from our website.  The oval has been a shape that has held well for centuries, so you should have no problem incorporating it’s shape into your logo or design.  You will love your new die cut oval shaped business cards.  Try the new PremiumCards.net Oval Business Cards today!

Business Card Printing – What’s up in 2012 for PremiumCards.net

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Printing dates back more than 5000 years ago.  Using hand carved stamps for pressing ink and waxes onto paper was the beginning.  Print has come a long way from the primitive styles of yesteryear.  Not more than only a hundred years ago did we use similar primitive techniques for printing.  Letterpress printing is still used today with select press houses offering embossing or debossing, foil, die cutting and pantone printing, such as PremiumCards.net.

Business card printing is now so popular on the internet that you can still find some of those old school letterpress printers, one of them being PremiumCards.net.  Now what sets PremiumCards.net apart from the rest of the printers online?  We still employ the usage of both letterpress printing and offset lithography.  With the two methods of print we can produce a full color business card with letterpress finishing.  This will allow you to add foil, emboss or deboss and die cutting to your full color printed business cards.

Custom Die Cut and Foil Business Cards

Let’s say you have a design for a card that is completely back with silver foil.  We could print the card on our 16pt Silk stock with silver foil and black painted edges.  Silk business cards already have an option for foil and spot uv built in.  This means you don’t have to add a foil die and letterpress foil the cards.  The only time you need letterpress is when you want a different color foil or shape or emboss.  This would require a Custom Business Card quote from us.  Printing on the silk with foil and black edges would be less expensive than purchasing solid black stock and foil stamping both sides.  The price for a 2 sided black stock business card with foil would be about $700.  The silk with foil and edge paint is only $214

Blacked Out Silk Business Cards

If you are only looking to get 1 set of 1000 custom cards, then you can go to our custom business card builder page and create one there.  It does have some limitations as to what you can add to an order, but you can get an idea of what your card may cost.  It’s good practice to keep things simple, but should you need a little more than simple, PremiumCards.net is perfect for you.

Jumbo Door Hangers – They’ll Never Miss Them!

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Jumbo Door Hangers

Printed on 100lb gloss book with standard Arch Die Cut. Your choice of full color on 1 or 2 sided printing. Stand out more than any door hanger on the market. At 11×17 inches in size, even the neighbors can’t miss it. Make a bold statement for Pizza Business, Insurance, Home Security, Real Estate Listing, Calendars, etc.  Business card printing isn’t all we do and you can count on more to come this new year.

PremiumCards.net Calendar Cards with Magnetic Backing

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Calendar Cards

Introducing the PremiumCards.net Card Calendars. These neat little calendars are printed on our thick 16pt card stock. They come in high gloss or matte finish. You can use the design we have here for free. Just replace our logo with your name or company logo. We can also do it for you for free or you can download the template here. Calendar Card Template.


Need something custom made?  Use the form below for a request.

Apple CEO and Founder Dies Today

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Wow, I was a bit alarmed when I got the news today of Steve Jobs passing away. It got me thinking about how selfish I was, how all I thought about was, “what about all my macs?”. Never stopped to think once why this man, this genius of a man was sick. Spent most of my waking life working right in front of the machines he created. How his creation made my life just a bit more simple. I have to admit, I have many macs and an iphone and an ipad. (well the ipad isn’t really mine ;0) and never did I think about Steve Jobs when I was making the purchase. You know what, I feel sad about that. I wish my true condolences to those who loved Steve Jobs and his creations. RIP Steve.

James Cruz,

Last Hump Day Printing Sale of the Year

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This will be our last PremiumCards.net Hump Day Printing Sale. Save on many select premium items. http://www.premiumcards.net/business_card_printing/specials.php

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