We’ve heard that business cards will come to an end with the use of a smart phone app. You have got to be kidding. What kind of personal message does a digital screen tell about the person you are potentially doing business with. Will you remember them by the length […]

Business Card Printing – Now And In The Future

Blacked Out Silk Business Cards
These are 16pt silk laminated business cards with silver foil on both sides and blacked out edges to match. They were printed and designed by Marco at innovators in business card printing H9JKAV8UVYRU Pin It

Blacked out silk business cards with foil by

These are 16pt premium silk business cards with spot gloss uv coating and silver foil on BOTH sides. Full color process printing underneath. It’s a tricky card to design, but if you have a bit of time to knock out 6 files for one set of cards, then give it […]

Premium Silk Business Cards with Spot Gloss and Foil | ...

This tutorial is a simple explanation of how you would create a set of files for printing business cards that will have foil stamping. The preparation is exactly the same as setting up files for spot uv. Silk business cards with foil stamping can be found at starting at […]

How to create press ready files for business cards with ...

Silk Business Cards with Spot UV 2
Design by Figuer Studio – Silk business cards with spot uv on 2 sides. Full color process printing on 16pt card stock. Printed at   Pin It

Figuer Studio Silk Business Cards |

These are 24pt business cards with custom rounded corners. They are 2.5×3.5 in size with process color printing on both sides. Designed by Yasmina Padron for TechBrigade – Mac Support Specialists. Printed by Pin It

TechBrigade 24pt Business Cards by

Business Card Templates
A lot of our clients are looking for some pre designed templates that are easy to change and use.  Here are a few from  They specialize in free photoshop designs that you can use for personal use or you can buy a cheap license for commercial use. Pin It

Creative Business Card Templates Discount Code 1
This weekend will be the 4th of July Holiday. We will be closed on Monday the 5th of July. In celebration we would like to extend a 20% discount that can be used on either the 4th or 5th of July 2010 on your ENTIRE ORDER. It’s understood that some […] Discount Code for July 4th 2010

These are 2x2 square mini business cards 5
2×2 Mini Square Business Cards The 2×2 mini square business card also known as mini cards is gaining popularity by the day.  In the world of business cards, different shapes, sizes, finishes and card stocks are now abundant.  The square business card is a smart alternative to the standard 3.5×2 […]

Mini Business Cards

Silk Business Cards 2
  Introducing our new silk business cards.  Choose from 16pt Silk Cards to 16pt Silk Cards with Spot Gloss UV.  The cards are water resistant and tear resistant.  Full rich color printing on 1 or 2 sides for the same price.  You can also choose a STUNNING spot gloss uv.  […]

Silk Business Cards – Silk Business Cards with Spot UV

Print Layout Templates
Business Card Templates & Postcard Templates Please read if you don’t want to delay your order. Most people will find the information in the templates to be self explanatory, but we do recognize that some people will may not understand. To be sure you don’t delay your order, we suggest […]

Business Card and Postcard Print Templates