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Business Card Templates & Postcard Templates

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Most people will find the information in the templates to be self explanatory, but we do recognize that some people will may not understand. To be sure you don’t delay your order, we suggest you or your graphic designer go over these common issues. Should you need any help understanding, please contact us via email at art[at] Turnaround times are estimated from the day you approve proofs if you requested them. Sometimes we send proofs if we feel necessary. This will also cause delay if you do not respond in a timely manner.

Print Layout Templates

Print Layout Templates

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Print Bleed Video Tutorial – Adobe Illustrator

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Print Bleeds

Creating PRINT bleeds, what they are and why you need them.

Bleeds are the extra area that extends beyond the actual size of your file that will be trimmed away when cutting your cards.  When printing business cards or postcards they are usually printed on a large sheet of card stock.  The sheet is about 40 x 28 inches and fits about 70 standard size business cards or more.  This is called a gang run and is widely used in most online printers if not all online printers.  So, no one prints business cards directly on to a 2×3.5 card alone.

Your files require a bleed, the area in which will be trimmed away when we cut you cards out of the large sheet.  The reason for the bleed is to make sure we have your file images reaching the absolute edge of the card.  Without the bleed, an unwanted white line or the other persons card printed next to your card may show up on the edge after trimming your card.  The bleed is usually the background color or image of some sort that “bleeds” of the edge of the card.  This does not refer to the ink spreading around on the card.

That’s it.  You will see this repeated in other tutorials that we create for designing your business cards.  If you have any further questions about this tutorial or any other tutorial, please feel free to contact our art department at art[at]  That concludes our tutorial on print bleeds.

You are free to use this tutorial in your blog or website as long as it is not rebranded or edited in any way.  A back link to our site would be much appreciated.   Thank you for choosing