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KELBUC - Credit for $1000

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This is a purchase for credit towards printing until the total is depleted or has been more than 6 months from the original purchase date in which all funds will be absorbed.

Excerpt from our email conversation: The credit will expire within 6 months. This is 90 days more than our own CC company gives us. They only give us 90 days to change things. So, please be aware that if we do this, there will be no refunds, only reprints if there are any print issues. Please be advised. All orders are subject to shipping and handling charges as would any other order.

Once an order is requested via email, a balance will show in this same order detail. You can check back in the same order for updates as we go along.

All products in our system require a weight of at least 1 pound, so the extra cost will be used as credit towards the purchases you request.




Partial Terms and Conditions below: Full terms and conditions here.

COLOR MATCHING is not possible. We do not print Pantone colors on standard runs. For closest color range, use the CMYK formulas from the Pantone color swatch you choose. Please note that there is still no color match guarantee.

24pt and 22pt are both UNCOATED - Ink saturation levels are at normal levels for uncoated stocks and are expected to come out less vibrant than coated stocks.

ROUNDED CORNERS are made with a round cornering machine and are not pinpoint accurate. Though most of the time they are mostly uniform, there can be some cards that have slightly different round corners. For perfect round corners, you will need your cards custom die cut.

BORDERS AND TYPE close to the edge may be cut off from shifting during the trimming stage. We recommend not using borders or type close to the edge.

TURNAROUND TIMES are estimated and therefore can not be guaranteed. If your order is time sensitive, please make the proper arrangements to meet your in hands requirements. Rush services are also not guaranteed, but service is expedited. 24pt stock takes longer than the rest at 3-4 weeks in some occasions. Call for estimated production schedules, your order may be printed much sooner if a run is already getting ready to close.

PAINTED EDGES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON STANDARD 16PT STOCK. SILVER IS ALSO NO LONGER AVAILABLE. In some cases edge paint can bleed over the edge. We DO NOT reprint for such issue unless it is an obvious error. In most cases, only few cards in the stack will be adversely affected. LEARN MORE ABOUT BUSINESS CARD PAINTED EDGES