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PremiumCards.net Testimonials - Reviews



Real Estate Broker - Lana Harrison


We just received our business cards and wow. I can't believe how great they look and feel. Now we understand the meaning of "you get what you pay for". Definately will return for more and by the way, we will be ordering postcards in a week. Thanks for all your help with the order.

P.S. Sorry for all the questions, but we're new to this online ordering thing.

Best Regards,
Lana Harrison

Professional Graphic Designer - Warren Benedetto

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I got my cards today, and they look AMAZING. Gorgeous finish, great paper stock, perfect color reproduction. I'm very, very pleased with the result.


Small Car Dealership - Mike Brezinski


I received my cards earlier than I expected and they are beautiful. Only problem I have is I should have ordered more for my employees. This was just a test and it went very well. Thank you for your help.

Mike Brezinski - New Cal Auto

Movie Producer - Carla

Just got a postcard in the mail from the mailer we did with you guys. Dude, you guys rock man! They're hot. I love the high gloss on the deep black. The price was awesome for these cards. I hope they make me some money.

P.S. Please feel free to use this in your testimonial page, but please leave out my business info.


Important Client - John Sh

Top Notch Experience-- Ordered 1000 double-sided color cards w/ smooth matte finish. Provided existing custom template file and premiumcards.net changed my email address without charging me a design fee.

I am very satisfied with my new business cards. The 16 pt. card stock is stiff, the print resolution is excellent, color accuracy appears perfect, the cards are uniformly flat versus being somewhat curved from the cutting process/handling and all four sides of the cards were cut cleanly. I was also very pleased to receive my cards within five business days of placing my order.

I highly recommend premiumcards.net for anyone seeking very high quality business cards and an affordable price. I will not hesitate to order future business cards or other printed materials from premiumcards.net.

Posted - Review from 1000 Business Cards

D & D Mining - Lynn Dandy

James:  Got the cards, and I can't begin to tell you how great they are. Your art, the weight of the card, the print job all are first class.

The only way I can thank you is to keep on recommending your service, and I will!

Thanks, Lynn Dandy
D & D Mining

Inventor - Boycho Manev

Thank you for the cards. They look excellent. I was really impressed with the delivery time and more than satisfied with the quality.
Do you have a sample of a business card with rounded edges? I do not believe I have seen one. If you do can you please mail me one sample.
Boytcho Manev

CEO, Editor, Writer - John DiBiase

Thank you! I received these and they're great! Thanks for the nice work. Before I discovered you guys, I ordered cards from NEXC*RDS.com and they never fulfilled the order. I had to get Google Checkout to issue me a refund. So glad there's a trustworthy company out there that also does fine work. :)

God bless you guys,

John DiBiase
CEO, Editor, Writer

Business Consultant - Tom Casey

Hey guys . . . just a brief message to thank you for absolutely superb execution of my business card order.

As a consultant that makes a living from helping companies actually "live" their brand promise (most do not), it's always a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that not only delivers on their promises, but that went the extra mile (without me asking) in expediting . . . it was evident that in driving prompt/clear communication of mutual expectations up-front, you truly wanted to take care of the customer; not just play "CYA" as is usually the case with web-based companies.

I was treated like a king, the cards are of excellent quality, the shipment arrived per your promised schedule, and you more than delivered on your promises . . . all this for a less than $200 order!

Congratulations on delivering exceptional service in an era where "customer" service is practically extinct . . . thanks again.

Tom Casey

Maggie Jo Hillard , ESQ


I love them! Thank you so much!

I will be ordering more for my other business soon, but spreading the word in the meantime! FABULOUS!

Mary Grace Long Photography

just received my order--am delighted and wanted to let you know!
Thank you! You will be getting my business and my referrals.
Mary Grace

thank you so much for your prompt response and for taking care of the situation in such a professional manner


Attorney at Law

Follow up email -----------------

also, please know that because of the exemplary manner that this problem was handled, we will use your company for all future printing projects. your company obviously does business the right way. thanks again


Attorney at Law


I wanted to thank you for guiding me through the process of ordering my business cards. I also wanted to let whoever needs to know in your company what amazing customer service you gave. Please forward this on to them, they should know it was greatly appreciated and a rare treat in today's world. Job well done!

Janell Geason

Hello James,

I was thinking about you today and was wondering how you are doing???? I love my business card so much and will be ordering more soon. Keep in touch.


Those are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. When I set out to order new cards, I never expected to stumble across the best art department in the world!!!! Thank you again, I am very excited to have these most excellent little pieces of art.

Have a great day, no wait, Have a great LIFE,

Lisa Pavlovic

The cards look fantastic!! Thank you so much for your great work. It was a pleasure to work with you and we will definitely use your services again, without a doubt!

take care,

Last updated 9-22-09

Premium Cards...


I got my cards the very day you latest update
gave the UPS Tracking number...what a nice surprise on
a Friday Evening!! Keep up the great work... I am recommending
you all to a few more friends and hope to do some more for
other clients/family -- etc.

THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!!! I love what you all printed for me.
It's great considering it's all been "gang" printed but you have
high quality standards --keep that up and I'll keep returning
as I can!!

You all pass this on -- my Appreciation for a job well done!!
I love it!! THANK YOU!!

Regina Cheong
Vista Graphics dba Porcupine Embroidery
Gainesville, Florida

The cards are perfect. Better than I expected. Worth the wait.

Hamilton Cowie


Wow you guys are going all out to move my little business card order along. Thank you. I have a bunch of marketing materials I need to order so it's great to see your customer service is top rate.


Last updated 9-10-10

I would like to thank you and your company for the awesome cards. We are really impressed with the quality. Our company just returned from a three day conference/trade show in San Diego and we received numerous compliments on the cards. They really stand out amongst all the typical/vanilla style business cards. You guys did a great job!

A couple people asked where we had them done as well. Hopefully this results in more business for both of our company's.

Thanks again!

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Michael Ponton, Lead Analyst

Last updated 9-20-10


I am just writing to say that I received my order today and am EXTREMELY satisfied with the finished product. Thank you very much and I will be recommending you to anyone who needs cards and you have earned my repeat business!

Byron Sabree
Chief Executive Officer
Mind's Eye Conceptions INC

Last updated 9-22-10

Thanks so much, Juana! This is why we keep coming back, great service as well as high-quality products! I already have another order almost ready to go. I'll be placing that soon.


Last updated 1-31-12


I just received my order (200 of 2.5 square business cards) and they are perfect! The colors are spot-on, and they are just the right size. The creative team provided fast responses to my questions, and it took less than a week for me to get my order. This is the second time I've ordered from your company, and again, I am beyond thrilled.

I wasn't sure which department to send this to, so I apologize if this is the wrong place!

Thanks again!

Katy Zimmerman

Last Upadted - 3-1-12

Our satisfaction rate remains a strong 99.5%. What about the other half percent? Well, not all men are created equal. That .5 percent is usually due to a clients expectations going above and beyond what a PRINTING company can do. Understanding limitations and abiding by the terms and conditions of the site are not always what a client can fully understand. So, we don't satisfy everyone, but we do satisfy more than most apparently. We receive phone calls all day long about some of your past experiences with other companies. You come to us to upgrade from the last printer you used. You come to us because we carry a large selection of printed materials on our site and by request. You come to us because we're honest and considerate (as you should be too). We're a small but motivated operation and are family owned and ran. We have 2 facilities in California. Our specialty is business cards and postcards, letterpress and offset, we still use old techniques for modern day printing. Need more information, give us a call 213-984-4897.



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