Blacked Out Silk Business Cards

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Printing dates back more than 5000 years ago.  Using hand carved stamps for pressing ink and waxes onto paper was the beginning.  Print has come a long way from the primitive styles of yesteryear.  Not more than only a hundred years ago did we use similar primitive techniques for printing.  Letterpress printing is still used today with select press houses offering embossing or debossing, foil, die cutting and pantone printing, such as

Business card printing is now so popular on the internet that you can still find some of those old school letterpress printers, one of them being  Now what sets apart from the rest of the printers online?  We still employ the usage of both letterpress printing and offset lithography.  With the two methods of print we can produce a full color business card with letterpress finishing.  This will allow you to add foil, emboss or deboss and die cutting to your full color printed business cards.

Custom Die Cut and Foil Business Cards

Let’s say you have a design for a card that is completely back with silver foil.  We could print the card on our 16pt Silk stock with silver foil and black painted edges.  Silk business cards already have an option for foil and spot uv built in.  This means you don’t have to add a foil die and letterpress foil the cards.  The only time you need letterpress is when you want a different color foil or shape or emboss.  This would require a Custom Business Card quote from us.  Printing on the silk with foil and black edges would be less expensive than purchasing solid black stock and foil stamping both sides.  The price for a 2 sided black stock business card with foil would be about $700.  The silk with foil and edge paint is only $214

Blacked Out Silk Business Cards

If you are only looking to get 1 set of 1000 custom cards, then you can go to our custom business card builder page and create one there.  It does have some limitations as to what you can add to an order, but you can get an idea of what your card may cost.  It’s good practice to keep things simple, but should you need a little more than simple, is perfect for you.