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This tutorial is a simple explanation of how you would create a set of files for printing business cards that will have foil stamping. The preparation is exactly the same as setting up files for spot uv. Silk business cards with foil stamping can be found at https://www.premiumcards.net starting at […]

How to create press ready files for business cards with ...

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a spot gloss file for spot gloss printed materials. Spot gloss is usually printed with a large silkscreen printing press with a paper feeder. The paper is moved into position and the screen comes down and applies the gloss uv coating […]

Spot Gloss File Tutorial – Photoshop CS3

Print Bleeds Creating PRINT bleeds, what they are and why you need them. Bleeds are the extra area that extends beyond the actual size of your file that will be trimmed away when cutting your cards.  When printing business cards or postcards they are usually printed on a large sheet […]

Print Bleed Video Tutorial – Adobe Illustrator