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Frequently Asked Questions.


Will someone need to be available to sign when delivery is made.

No most of the time, but if the driver feels that it may get lost or damaged he may bring it back to the local delivery center. If you have a tracking number you should check the status on the shipping companies website.

How long will my order take to get to me.

Most printed items will be shipped within 4-5 business days. Time in transit will depend on your location. We ship from Los Angeles, CA.

Where are you located?

We are located in Southern California.

Can I pick-up my order from your print house.

Sorry, we do not allow pick-ups.

Why do I have to login every time I place an order?

Logging in records all of your previous transactions and supplies the client with purchase history. It helps by shortening the purchase process by storing your shipping information so you don't have to enter it every time you place an order. You can store several addresses so that all you need to do is click on the one you are sending to. It also makes re-ordering very easy.

Is your website secure?

We use a Secure Sockets Layer certificate from comodo.com. For purchases we currently use a safe and secure checkout system provided by paypal.com

Uploads & Graphics

What size and kind of files will I need to upload at the end of my transaction?

All files should be saved in a CMYK format at 300dpi image resolution. Files allowed are - jpeg, jpg, eps, tif, tiff, pdf, bmp. Large files should be compressed with stuffit or zipit to upload the sit or zip files. THERE IS A 100MB UPLOAD LIMIT PER SESSION.

Do I need graphic design experience to use one of the layouts or stock photos you offer on your site?

You may need the basic knowledge of operating the application used to manipulate the layouts we offer. The application you use must be able to convert the file to a useable 300dpi, cmyk image. For more info on preparing images, go to our template downloads and download your preferred size. All the information required is in the file you download.

Do I need a Macintosh computer to use your layouts?

No, though we design all of our layouts on a Mac, they are designed in applications that will cross platform to PC's.

Understanding your print status updates

Throughout the process of your transaction your status will be updated. These updates tell you where and what is going on with your order.

Processing - This is the default status you get when you first make the purchase.

Info Processed - This is when your order information has been processed into our system and your position has been set on a run.

Proofing - If you required proofs, they would have been emailed to the email you specified. Proofs are also sent when we create art work for you. This can take 24 - 48 hours.

Art Department - This means your files are in line to be created by the art department. Usually takes about 24 - 48 hours depending on the changes and work required to do.

Processed for Printing - Your files have already been approved and are now batched on a print run. No changes can be made at this point.

File Problems - Usually this means that your files were uploaded without following our specifications or when you did not use our templates. All levels of graphic design experience should use the templates to avoid delays in your order.

Awaiting Artwork - Pretty self explanitory, we have not received your files yet.

On Hold - Sometimes a client needs to prepare files or is missing something in the order like a shipping payment.

Reprint in Progress - Though rare, sometimes we need to reprint an order. Printing is not a perfect science and with the mix of man and machine you come across unforseen problems which require us to reprint your order.

Finishing - At this point your order is just about completed and may be getting the options you chose done to it. Also can be at the time of packaging.

Shipping - This is usually the time in which your package is ready and is waiting to be picked up by UPS or deilvered to the Post Office.

Shipped - This is when your package has left our facility and a tracking number has been issued.

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